July 01, 2010 at 04:10 PM EDT

Jimmy Dinh, that is. Last night’s final audition round of America’s Got Talent introduced us to a 36-year-old “Eyelash Extension Technician.” Originally from Vietnam, Jimmy Dinh was feisty (“but I don’t do nails, okay!”) and energetic, jumping up and down as soon as he reached the stage. He explained his unique and rare talent in just a few words: “I attempt to make people laugh by telling jokes.” Check it out after the jump:

“I think that you’re a really funny man…I really believe that you have a future,” said Howie Mandel, who gave him an X despite saying he’d like Jimmy to open for him on tour. This surprised his colleagues Sharon and Piers, who insisted that Jimmy is much funnier in person than on stage. By funny do they mean easy to laugh at (and not laugh with), thanks to his thick accent and less than full understanding of American culture? Jimmy let his Vietnam roots be the punchline to most of his material, “I was born in Vietnam during the war, maybe you are my father! (Points to Howie) Hi Daddy!” Not to be overly PC, but should we think this is funny? When does “laugh at the foreign man” go too far?

My favorite performer of the night was Lindsay, the hip-hop violinist from Utah, and her strange yet captivating rendition of Flo Rida’s “Right Round.” Among the rest of the hopefuls were “Clownvis,” the Elvis clown, a pair of tap dancing Sarah Palins, and Sexy Phil, the 74-year old who offered to drop trow (luckily the judges stopped him).

What did you think of last night’s auditions? Does Luigi belong on American Idol instead? Was anyone else creeped out by how much Howie and Piers were enjoying the belly dancing duo?

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