Image Credit: Rick Rowell/ABCWhen psycho killer Franco showed back up in Port Charles to wreak havoc today on General Hospital, it was all about the return of that creepy smile. Just like in his first episode last winter, actor James Franco‘s face was mostly obscured, as he spoke cryptically to mob lawyer Diane (Cougar Town‘s Carolyn Hennesy) while pretending to be a homeless man. Then he skulked around the apartment building of newly-freed Jason Morgan (Steve Burton), let out of jail specifically to lure out Franco, Jason’s nemesis.

What’s next for the serial killer-cum-artist? Check out the clip below of his upcoming reunion with Maxie (Kirsten Storms).

So what do you make of James Franco’s return to daytime TV, Popwatchers? Does it still work for you, is it all way too meta and weird, or does it work for you because it’s way too meta and weird?

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