By Kate Ward
Updated June 30, 2010 at 04:35 PM EDT

Psh. Why question Elena Kagan about military recruitment bans and gun rights when America has more important issues on its mind? Apparently, that’s what Senator Amy Klobuchar — from my native state of Minnesota — thought when she asked the Supreme Court nominee to comment on “the famous case of Edward vs. Jacob.” And you thought the Democrats would be hurling softballs at Kagan!

I suppose I can’t blame Klobuchar for having Twilight Saga: Eclipse on the mind, since her daughter apparently hosted a sleepover to commemorate today’s opening of the film. But I don’t come to work describing my night drinking Whitesnake wine while watching DVR-ed Charmed re-runs. Oh wait, I just did. Okay, maybe I should take it easy on Klobuchar.

Either way, I think Kagan deserves a place on the Supreme Court purely for this “b–ch, pleeze” look and her response: “I wish you wouldn’t [ask].” Good move, Kagan. Keep the tweens guessing. (Because you just know she’s totally a Potter-phile.) Let’s just hope you’re a little more decisive once (and if) you don your black robes.

Any other Minnesotans feeling the least bit ashamed right now? Let’s soften the blow by eating some cheese curds, shall we? [TPM]