By Annie Barrett
Updated June 29, 2010 at 03:36 PM EDT

Image Credit: Everett CollectionTia and Tamera Mowry — of the classic mid-1990s sitcom Sister, Sister — will premiere a half-hour glimpse of their real lives, “Tia and Tamera Take 2,” on Style Network July 17. Write that down in your Lisa Frank dolphins notebook with a 10-color pen. For now it’s just a one-time special, but if enough people tune in it could become a regular series and then their show would get to be in italics again and they’d live happily ever after….on reality TV. Yikes. My first thought was “Aw, don’t they deserve better than this?” but wow, that’s such a relative question. Ha ha ha! Get it? I hope not. [The Wrap]

I always wondered if Tia and Tamera ever wished Jackée Harry was really their mom. That’s kind of awful, but I can’t help it. Same with the Olsen twins on Full House and many others. I remember that Mary-Kate and Ashley’s music video compilation, Our First Video, featured a treacly Mother’s Day ode to their real mom, and it was so sweet and yet so creepy disarming, and I felt disappointed in myself for being so let down by evidence of their real parent. If you’re still reading this you deserve an award. Here it is.

“If we could, we’d elect you PRESIDENT OF THE MOTHERS.” Aggggghhhh!

I also used to wonder if Tia and Tamera/Mary-Kate and Ashley ever got annoyed that they had to stand on a certain side for posed photos so that people would have a better chance of ID-ing them correctly. Hey, it seems like I have a lot of pent-up thoughts about TV twins — maybe I should start a hard-hitting PopWatch series.

Seriously, can anyone tell them apart? And will you watch Tia and Tamera’s special July 17?

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