Image Credit: Everett CollectionA morning chuckle is always welcome, especially when you’re on a New York City subway car sandwiched between a person who insists on eating their breakfast in transit and a lady whose shower hair is dripping on you. So the Seinfeld posters splattered all over the city’s subways that promote the show’s local syndicated airings and feature memorable (albeit tired) quotes from characters have been a welcomed A.M. “Ha!” But as the Huffington Post pointed out, someone who thinks they do everything better than others has been revising the advertisements with better quotes from the characters.

You can read the full list of vandalized revised posters at HuffPo. The tweaked quotes are not always spot-on [mildly annoyed grumble here], but I appreciate the effort.

Still, I — much like the Unnamed Quoter — think we can do everything better than others. So comment with even better quotes for the gang. Here are the quotes that originally accompanied the posters:

Jerry: “Are you still Master of your Domain?”

Elaine: “Can you spare a square?”

George: “There was shrinkage.”

Kramer: “Giddyup.”

Now, go. Improve!


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