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Image Credit: Barbara Nitke/Lifetime TelevisionIt’s not just a stunt, like Tim’s tired encouragement to please use the accessories wall thoughtfully. Each episode of Project Runway‘s season 8 (premiering July 29 on Lifetime) will be 90 minutes long. They’ll start at 9 p.m. ET instead of 10. This is excellent. Heidi Klum also told the AP via that season 8 contains ample tears and that three contestants collapsed on-set. It couldn’t get any better!

In addition to the obvious demand — longer runway shows — we’re going to need much more workroom footage. I want to see craftsmanship, awkward initial fittings, the contestants freaking out under pressure, the contestants bitching at each other under pressure, fabric disasters, and especially tears. I’m going to need a zoom-in on the tears. I also love close-up shots of the sewing machines, even though I feel like they only do that to show the brand name. What it basically boils down to is that I like to watch people work while I relax. Ahhhhhh. Seth Aaron’s jackets.

I’m trying to find out from Lifetime if Models of the Runway will just blend into Runway now. (Tragedy! It’s my favorite poignant reality show!) I’m pretty sure Austin Scarlett and Santino’s half-hour reality series will accompany Runway at 10:30 instead. I’ll update this post if I find out.

What do you want to see more of during Runway‘s extra 30 minutes?

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