Deadliest Catch

Reports of Hulu’s paid model have been swirling for months, and they’re back again, this time with an added twist: “Hulu Plus” could be available on Xbox and PS3, which means finally — finally — there’d be a simple way to watch Hulu on your television. (Other than, you know, plugging your computer into your TV, which is always an option! HDMI adapter FTW!)

Update: Aaaaand it’s official! More details below:

I’m about as big a Hulu devotee as you can find, but its one drawback versus, say, instant Netflix, is that there’s no direct way to watch Hulu on a television. (Instant Netflix can stream through a Roku, Xbox, PS3, Nintendo Wii…it’s pretty close to ubiquitous.) Hulu has resisted efforts to put its content on television screens instead of monitors; recall the great Boxee debate of 09. Maybe a paid model would finally crack that barrier. If I could also bypass all of those cervical cancer ads, then consider me signed up.

Update: Hulu Plus is rolling out for iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches, some Samsung TVs, and coming up on some Blu-ray players, Xbox, and PS3. Hulu’s full run-down is here, and the main thrust of their blog post is this: Hulu Plus is not replacing regular old Hulu. Rest easy.

Would you pay for a TV-integrated Hulu, PopWatchers? Or are you only as free as the content you consume?