Image Credit: Bob D’Amico/ABCI can’t possibly write a blog this week without first talking about Jake and Vienna. Obviously I can confirm that they have broken up. I can also confirm for you that I sat down with both of them this week at the Bachelor house for an interview (slated to air as part of next week’s regular Bachelorette telecast). It was the first time the two of them had seen each other since they broke up. I’m not going to get into the “he said, she said” garbage that has fueled the tabloids over the last week. Both of them confirmed what I already knew and have been telling people for months: Their engagement was real and so was the love for each other when we all left St. Lucia six months ago. What happened to them and that love is a story you should and will hear from them. While I won’t get into the details of what exactly was said during this interview, I do want to be very clear about something: Yes, the atmosphere was emotionally charged, but contrary to reports that have surfaced about the interview, at no time was anyone ever physically in harm’s way, nor was anyone ever threatened with physical violence.

With that cleared up I want to get into what was easily the most “dramatic” episode thus far this season. I guess the best way to cover the implosion of “Rated R” is to tell you in detail exactly what happened. As we were leaving Iceland I learned that one of our former cast members, Jesse S in Canada, had proof that Justin had a girlfriend back home. I also found out that both Jesse S and Justin’s girlfriend back home wanted to call Ali and tell her all about it. Because we were traveling from Iceland to Istanbul, Turkey, and dealing with a major time-zone change, we had to wait till the next day to make the call to Justin’s girlfriend in Canada and thus let Ali in on what was going on. Ali had absolutely no clue when I arrived at her hotel room that morning and made the call to Justin’s girlfriend. I was very happy that you got to see and hear everything that was said by Justin’s girlfriend and Ali.

I was very impressed with Ali on that phone call. The first thing she said was how sorry she felt for his girlfriend, and all she cared about at the time was how she was doing. Very classy. When she hung up the phone, Ali was understandably pissed off and wanted Justin gone immediately. We walked straight up to the guys’ suite to confront Justin. Again, I really appreciated the fact that Ali wanted to do this herself and see him face-to-face. When we walked into the guys’ room, they immediately knew something was up, they just didn’t know what. Ali and I never show up together at the guys’ room like that, so they were anxiously waiting for something. That’s when Ali stunned all of us by going directly at Justin the way she did. Then every guy’s jaw dropped on the floor when Justin tucked his tail and ran for the door, and Ali stood up and questioned his manhood. I talked to the guys later and every one of them said they never thought Ali was hotter than that moment where she called Justin on his B.S.

“Rated R” obviously knew he was beat, so he made the bizarre decision to grab his passport and make a run for it… in Istanbul? I’m not exactly sure where he thought he was going to go or how he was going to get there, but Justin made a sad limp for it down the hall. I chased after him to try to stall until Ali could catch up and finish what she had started. Justin walked into stairwell and that’s where things really got interesting, as we briefly lost “Rated R.” Ali and the camera crews thought he’d gone all the way down the stairs but he’d actually exited on the next floor. So for several minutes we had no idea where Justin was. We eventually found him downstairs trying to get out of the hotel without having to face Ali. I have to admit watching Justin limp through bushes and up waterfalls in an attempt to keep from having to face Ali was classic and really sums up his character. He finally did come back to talk to Ali and she let him have it. I realize there have been incidents in the past where you may not be 100 percent sure who’s telling the truth, and this might have been another one of those cases. Justin swore up and down to all of us that he didn’t have a girlfriend and didn’t at any time contact that girlfriend while he was on the road. Hearing “Rated R’s” greatest hits (phone messages) as he limped off into the sunset was the smoking gun. That’s all anyone could possibly need to hear as proof.

I’m sure some of you are wondering how Justin could have made a call if we take the guys’ cell phones away. Well Justin would go into the bathroom in the guys’ suite and use the phone by the toilet. He then tried to cover his tracks by calling the front desk and asking them to take the calls and numbers off the room’s bill so we wouldn’t see it. Probably my favorite thing about this entire thing is that “Rated R” thought he was smarter than everybody else and was so smug as he assumed he was getting one over on everybody. When Ali pulled the rug out from under him and confronted him about all his lies, he stammered and stuttered his way through a pathetic series of explanations.

I’ve already taken up a lot of time and space here so let me throw out a few more thoughts about this episode before I wrap up. Ty and Ali had an amazing one-on-one date at the Turkish bath, and their relationship has really taken off. The group date — olive-oil wrestling — really freaked the guys out. I went up and saw them the next morning and they were seriously beat up. Those pros really did kick their butts and they were sore. Ali and Frank’s relationship is interesting. When they’re apart, it seems to take two steps backward, but when they’re together, the chemistry is undeniable and they quickly take 10 steps forward. Right now, they’re moving forward, and Ali’s worried about that. Ali really liked Craig, we all did, and that’s why she didn’t want to host a cocktail party that night before the rose ceremony. She respected him enough to not want to make him fight for something that just wasn’t there.

There are five men left, and we’re now off to Lisbon, Portugal. The tease after the show was extremely revealing. You can see that the drama with these guys is far from over. One of Ali’s toughest moments will come in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

A final personal note to the guys this week. It’s sad that an old host and a producer came into your house and took you to school like we did in a game you invented. Any time you boys want a butter sliding rematch, just let me know. You name the time and table and it’s on! Please leave your comments below, and you can always get a hold of me via facebook or twitter @chrisbharrison.

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