Image Credit: John P. Johnson/HBOSPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t watched last night’s True Blood and intend to, stop reading here. Ken Tucker’s got your review of the episode. We just want to talk about that sex scene. We’ve witnessed — and rewound — some sexy hookups on this show (and, in fact, we’ve gone as far as to rank them), but I don’t think Bill’s angry tryst with Lorena qualifies. (Watch it below.) She had once again taken away his freedom, home, and humanity, and essentially forced him to leave Sookie to save Sookie’s life, and he was consumed with hate. Any strong emotion for a vampire can cause the fangs to come out, and even though Lorena wanted Bill to make love to her — and somehow seemed to enjoy him TWISTING HER HEAD 180 DEGREES TO FACE AWAY FROM HIM — it’s clear he was doing it to hurt her. That’s why when she said, “Oh William, I still love you” with a bloodied grin on her face, all he could do was scream. (Seriously, Bill has become so much more interesting since he ended up in Mississippi in constant formal wear!)

Is this the most twisted love scene you’ve seen on a mainstream TV show? (The sound of her neck breaking, people!) If not, what topped it? What was your reaction while watching the scene? PopWatch poll!

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