By Simon Vozick-Levinson
Updated June 27, 2010 at 12:00 PM EDT
Credit: Matt Sayles/AP Images

Image Credit: Matt Sayles/AP ImagesA few days ago, Drake got the news that he’d sold an impressive 447,000 copies of his official debut album. So how’s he celebrating tonight? Why, by hitting the 2010 BET Awards stage, of course.

Drake started with a little “Fireworks.” Contrary to its explosive title, the album-opener is actually one of his trademark reflective cuts. It works just fine in its place on Thank Me Later. For a high-energy awards show like this, though, the tone felt perhaps a touch muted. Luckily, “Fireworks” was a fakeout. The lights soon went up as Drizzy leapt down to the stage and launched into his hit “Over.” Make no mistake: This was a coronation. He bounced around the stage with barely contained energy, forcing the song’s unwieldy chorus into an anthem.

And that’s not all! As if those two tunes weren’t enough, Drake next brought out Young Jeezy and helped him rip his current mixtape banger “Lose My Mind.” It was a gracious, spotlight-sharing move that reinforced Drake’s position as leader of a new hip-hop generation. Well played.

Did you see Drake on the BET Awards? What did you think?

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