June 26, 2010 at 03:30 PM EDT

Image Credit: Disney/PixarToy Story 3 continues its impressive reign at the box office with an $18 million Friday, but Grown Ups proves that Adam Sandler still has that box office magic. His PG-13 rated comedy, co-starring Kevin James and Chris Rock, scored a strong $14 million on Friday to put it on track for a $40 million weekend. If the numbers hold, Grown Ups could match Sandler’s last big hit, 2006’s Click, which opened to $40 million and went on to gross $137 million. Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz didn’t have as much luck with Knight & Day, their action-spy comedy that the studio opened on Wednesday to a weak $3.8 million. The movie grossed another $3.5 on Thursday and a little over $6 million on Friday. If numbers stay steady, the PG-13 rated film will earn $18.4 million for the three days and a five-day box office cume of $25.7 million.

The Karate Kid and The A-Team will round out the top five for the weekend. The Jaden Smith-starrer earned around $4 million on Friday for a weekend that’s likely to hit $15 million, which will represent a 48 percent drop. The A-Team grossed less than $2 million Friday for a weekend that should total $6 million, or close to a 60 percent fall for the actioner that will have only grossed around $62 million at the end of three weeks. That’s a whole lot less then Karate Kid’s cume, which is likely to stand at $135 million at the end of the weekend.

Even if Grown Ups and Toy Story 3 stay strong, it’s unlikely the weekend will match last year at this time, when Transformers 2 opened to $109 million. Stay tuned for full results tomorrow.

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