If your bucket list includes “Listening to Allison Iraheta perform an insanely awesome, stripped-down rendition of ‘Holiday,'” get out your pen and get ready to cross off that task. And if it doesn’t, well, trust me, you’re still going to want to watch the video I’ve posted below. What’s remarkable is that when I met up with the American Idol season 8 rocker and her guitarist David Immerman in a dimly lit VIP lounge of New York City’s Nokia Theatre on Tuesday morning, the duo hadn’t even worked out an acoustic arrangement for the raucous cut from Allison’s Just Like You set. But after 15 minutes of tinkering, they concocted something that’s truly remarkable. So do press play below and prepare to get your face rocked off, then stick around for a quick Q&A in which Allison talks about her stint opening for Adam Lambert’s Glam Nation tour (or, wait, is he closing for her?), her cameo in Adam’s “If I Had You” video, and the perils of concocting a 20-minute set-list. And to get all my Idol news and commentary, follow me on Twitter @EWMichaelSlezak.

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