By Mandi Bierly
Updated June 25, 2010 at 07:40 PM EDT
Credit: Ryan Kwanten: Bob Charlotte /PR Photos


I thought Ryan Kwanten and I had something — for a minute. At 7:30 p.m. ET last night, to be precise. That’s when I received a Twitter notification that the actor who plays Jason Stackhouse on True Blood was my newest follower. I went to his page, saw it had just been created yesterday as “the official Ryan Kwanten Twitter account,” and allowed myself to think that he or whoever is handling it for him, but what fun is that? had been touched by my suggestion that Jason’s new motto, “Conscience Off, Dick On,” should be on a poster after the season 3 premiere, as well as my sincere appreciation for his performance in Week 2 (“Bravo to Ryan Kwanten for being totally enjoyable in this episode, while managing to keep his clothes on”). I don’t have thousands of followers — which is why I get notifications of new ones (so I can block anyone whose profile picture is her ass) and why I tend to notice when I lose one. Within minutes, Kwanten had unfollowed me. What did I do wrong, Ryan? Were you offended by my retweet of the latest addition to our PopWatch Dictionary, the word “Doucheboat“? Did you not enjoy learning that the new Predators trailer reveals who we don’t f— with, but not how Walton Goggins’ serial killer character got his teeth so white?

I was hoping it wasn’t really Kwanten’s official Twitter account — because the diss would seem even more funny-sad if it was an impostor — but a rep for HBO confirms it ishim. So follow @Ryan_Kwanten, if you must, True Blood fans. Right now, it’s just too painful for me to think about one of his tweets popping up in my feed and reminding me of what could have been…

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