By Annie Barrett
Updated June 25, 2010 at 06:00 PM EDT

The freaky dream-capturing plot in Christopher Nolan’s upcoming Inception suddenly has the EW staff (perhaps over-)sharing our weirdest dreams involving celebrities. It’s scary in here. Won’t you join us?

Arranged in order of appropriateness (most to least)

Adam Markovitz: Jennifer Lopez and I were having a fight. I knew it was more her fault, but I didn’t want to say anything.

Sandra Gonzalez: I ran into Wentworth Miller at Pottery Barn. He convinced me to get an overpriced table that didn’t go with my new apartment’s décor, but I bought it because he liked it. After I bought it, and he left, I started crying because I thought it was so ugly.

Kate Ward: I went jet skiing with Ian Solmberklhandler (however you spell his name), and we got stranded Open Water-style for awhile, before we were rescued and forced to escape tsunamis in Hawaii that the government had set off in order to test emergency preparedness on the island…In another, because I’m currently obsessed with Charmed from watching it every day at the gym, I dreamed that I ran into Alyssa Milano and told her how “charming” I found her on the show.

Mandi Bierly: Alexander Skarsgard came into my office as I was looking for an email and tried to help. I was scared he would notice himself on my desktop background, but then felt confident that there were so many other windows up (as usual) that I’d be safe. I was pissed that THAT’s the dream I get a Skarsgard cameo in, but it’s technically better than my usual celeb dreams which always involve men I fancy NOT talking to me.

Mike Bruno: I once had a dream that Twiki from the Buck Rogers TV series forced me to do a traditional Native American dance around a bonfire with him. Under duress I obliged. Not sure Twiki qualifies as a celebrity though.

Michael Slezak: Several years back I had a dream where I was in a house with Cher (I know, already this is taking a turn for the gay) and there was a gurgling baby in a swing hanging from the kitchen ceiling. Cher was in some kind of animal print garb and was singing. I have no idea what it all meant, but it was quite vivid.

Annie Barrett: Tina Fey and I (Busy Philipps) were hanging onto the wall in the deep end of an indoor pool. Tracy Morgan was lounging face down in some sort of rafter situation high above. The pool was maybe in a boiler room? Tina and I were supposed to start our backstroke race but we couldn’t. I really shouldn’t continue, but we were stalling because large heaps of dung kept materializing out of nowhere in random spots. They couldn’t have come from a human, but there was no animal around (yet?) so we just kept blaming each other. Eventually we all got into my car (I don’t have a car) and slowly drove off the diving board into the pool. As soon as we hit the water I realized I was breathing underwater and that was crazy, so I woke up.

Conclusion: Our celebrity dreams make no sense whatsoever and are all kinds of mundane. Dreams: They’re just like us!

Now tell us yours.

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