By Margaret Lyons
Updated June 25, 2010 at 05:15 PM EDT

Image Credit: Starz EntertainmentTonight’s Party Down season finale is destined to be bittersweet. Even more bittersweet than regular episodes of the show. It’s the end of an up-and-down second season, and that’d be bummer enough, but it’s also star Adam Scott’s last episode as the show’s central character. (Should Party return for a third season, Scott’s adorable misanthrope Henry will only appear in three episodes, since Scott has joined the cast of Parks and Recreation.) But dry those tears, fellow followers of the Ron Donald Dos and Don’ts: Tonight’s finale marks the triumphant return of one Ms. Jane Lynch as Constance Carmell. And it’s her wedding.

Constance turned out to be more important to the show than I think the writers realized: Her absence this season threw the whole chemistry of the crew off-kilter. The duo of Constance and Kyle lent the cater-waiter cadre a bit of lightness and glee (get it? Glee?), and this season, especially before Henry and Casey got back together (hallelujah!), everyone just seemed a little too miserable. I like when the PD crew is a united front, even though it inevitably devolves into hilarious in-fighting

Give me a bad episode of Party Down over a good episode of pretty much anything else, though — I couldn’t love this show more or be sadder to see its season ending.

What about you, PopWatchers? How have you felt about this season?