By Tanner Stransky
Updated June 25, 2010 at 01:26 PM EDT

“I am so excited to see those little Fockers!” Blythe Danner, aka Dina Byrnes, intones while heading to see her two Focker grandchildren in the Little Fockers trailer. Now that we’re moving into the kids phase of this movie series, I’m wondering if we can expect lots of “little Fockers”-type jokes in this latest flick. Seems like that could be inappropriate, but honestly, with a movie titled like Little Fockers—which is genius, BTW—isn’t that sort of required? I sort of hope so. I couldn’t help but smile when Danner said that line.

But I digress… Before I go further, why don’t you focus and watch the Little Fockers trailer here:

Beyond the potential for “little Fockers” jokes, I’m not completely blown away. Viagra-related jokes, really? I keep telling myself that this is just the trailer—not the movie itself, and there is some decent stuff here. The turkey-carving scene seems reminiscent of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Which could be good, so long as it’s not completely derivative. In fact, doesn’t the whole thing have a bit of a Christmas Vacation vibe? We just need an electrocuted cat, a sled that’s faster than a bolt of lightening, and Randy Quaid with an RV. Right?

What’d you think of the trailer for Little Fockers, readers? Feel the Christmas Vacation—or something different entirely?