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Image Credit: Kimberley FrenchWell, here’s at least one record The Twilight Saga: Eclipse will break. Fandango confirms to EW that Eclipse is now the year’s top advance ticket-seller on its site. More than 52 percent of daily ticket sales are currently Eclipse, and the movie has been among the Top 5 in ticket sales every day since May 14, when tickets first went on sale. also confirms Eclipse now tops its advance-seller list for 2010, as first reported by Deadline Hollywood, and that the movie is currently accounting for more than 50 percent of all daily ticket sales there as well.

According to an EW poll last month, only 52 percent of PopWatch readers planned to buy tickets before the film’s release, 26 percent said they’d be purchasing them the day they went to see the film, five percent said they hadn’t decided whether they’d see the film; and 17 percent said they were officially passing.

Has the buzz for Eclipse — “The Best Twilight Movie So Far! (Seriously)”, says our new cover — changed anyone’s mind?

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