''House'' boss prescribes romance for Huddy. Plus, ''Vampire Diaries'' baddie might be alive, and new blood on ''Parenthood''

By Michael Ausiello
Updated June 25, 2010 at 12:00 PM EDT

House boss prescribes romance for Huddy

If last month’s House finale left any doubts that the Fox hit was moving forward with a romance between its title M.D. and his supervisor, Cuddy, the above image from the season 7 premiere — featuring stars Hugh Laurie and Lisa Edelstein getting cozy on location in Malibu — should erase them. ”We’re serious about this,” insists series creator David Shore of the long-awaited coupling. ”It’s something that all network shows are leery about, but we had to do it. [Cheers] had to do it with Sam and Diane, and we had to do this.”

However, Shore is quick to assure fans that House is not going to turn into a soap opera — at least not on his watch. ”It’s not a soap opera,” he maintains. ”But there are relationships on the show. And if House and Cuddy have a fight, it’s going to be about House’s unique perspective on that. It’ll also be about how it affects their ability to diagnose patients.”

Shore also promises that the relationship will be far from obstacle-free. ”Obviously things aren’t going to be simple,” he says. ”Even in [the season opener], there are all sorts of hiccups.” Case in point: Shore hints that all is not as it appears in the photo above. ”What that [image depicts] is rather different from what you’re going to experience when you watch the episode,” he says. ”It’s not Beach Blanket Bingo.”

Still, there’s no discounting the fact that the development marks a major turning point for TV’s most commitment-phobic curmudgeon. As Laurie points out, ”even the appearance of happiness has taken some getting used to. I had a week of happiness training before the season started up, and I’m whistling more than usual.” Edelstein, meanwhile, believes Cuddy is ”ready to go for it…. I think the final scene of season 6 makes that clear.”


Is Vamp Diaries baddie alive?

Though in last month’s Vampire Diaries cliff-hanger Elena’s doppelgänger chopped off John’s fingers, his portrayer, David Anders, confirms that he’ll be back for the season premiere. And then what? ”That’s up in the air,” he says. ”[But] I feel like the character has a lot of legs…. People don’t always die from knife wounds.” As he awaits word on his VD prognosis, the actor is currently shooting a guest appearance as a fugitive from the past on the Syfy series Warehouse 13 (airing Sept. 7). ”There’s time travel involved,” he explains. ”I run a magazine back in the ’60s. It’s shrouded in secrecy, so that’s all I can tell you.”

Hot Gossip: Meet Chuck’s new GF

Gossip Girl has tapped Cleménce Poésy (Harry Potter‘s Fleur Delacour) to play Chuck’s new French fling for multiple episodes, beginning with the CW drama’s Paris-set season premiere.

New blood on Parenthood

Curious what the heck it is Parenthood‘s Adam Braverman (Peter Krause) does for a living? There’s a good shot we’ll find out next season, now that producers are casting the recurring role of his boss. The sophomore drama is also searching for an actress to play a privileged teen whom Amber (Mae Whitman) befriends — much to the dismay of her struggling mother (Lauren Graham). ”She comes from an upper-crust kind of background, and it becomes complicated for Sarah,” explains exec producer Jason Katims, ”because Amber’s suddenly being taken into this world that’s out of her grasp.”

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