By Mandi Bierly
Updated June 25, 2010 at 03:32 PM EDT

Whether or not you’re a fan of Adam Sandler’s movies, you should be a fan of his talk-show appearances. Two perfect examples: Last night’s Daily Show with Jon Stewart and Jimmy Kimmel Live. He brought along hisChris Rock to visit their old buddy Jon, and the two had fun talking about their Grown Ups costars David Spade and Rob Schneider. Spade, we found out, injured himself doing a flip when he was young and still has back pain, so when you go to the movies with him, he brings his own folding chair and leaves early. Stewart admitted he always thought Schneider wasn’t gonna age right: “He was gonna go Yoda-y very quickly.” Rock concurred. “It takes all the effort he has to look as bad as he looks right now,” he said. (That effort involves eating right, doing yoga, sharing vitamins, and making his own tea while Kevin James looks on as though he wants to kill him.) Watch below.

Over on Kimmel, Sandler went solo. In part 1, he gave a play-by-play of the third time he gave a commencement address at his old high school in New Hampshire. He kissed the first girl who got her diploma on the cheek, then realized he’d have to kiss every young woman. (“Don’t humiliate me, come here,” he joked.) In part 2, he talked about working the comedy clubs with Rock when they were teens. Sandler didn’t take bombing well, but “Rock enjoyed hurting the crowd.” In Part 3, he reminisced about doing a four-episode arc on The Cosby Show when he was 18. Rock, who’d already been hanging around the set just to worship Bill Cosby, came to watch Sandler tape. The warm-up comedian got sick, and Rock went on and killed — for the first two or three minutes. Sandler thought Cosby, who was watching from the wings, was gonna call NBC to get Rock his own show until Chris said, “And what’s with this Bill Cosby? Mushmouth — the most racist character.”

“Not in my house,” Cosby said. Rock was asked not to come back. Watch below.

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