Image Credit: Carl de Souza/AFP/Getty ImagesThat sound you hear is all of humanity covering its ears. World Cup viewers across the world have already lost uncountable brain cells thanks to the persistent bleating of the vuvuzela, the popular stadium horn that makes a noise which scientists describe as “the cry of a lovesick emu being attacked by zombie buzzards in an echo chamber.” And now, the world’s third-most-popular website has fallen victim. YouTube has added a soccer-ball icon to all newly uploaded videos. Clicking on that button will create a sonic wall of vuvuzela shrieks. On the plus side, this button actually makes watching America’s Got Talent videos more entertaining. Just check out this video of Katy Perry clones performing a trapeze act. Oh god, Howie Mandel is dancing! Vuvuzela! Vuvuzela!

Clearly, this is just a clever dotcom joke (although maybe it’s also to celebrate YouTube’s recent court victory?) PopWatchers, where do you think this ranks next to the Google Pac-Man? And is the vuvuzela more or less annoying than the trash can drum?