Actor Val Kilmer apologized to his neighbors in New Mexico Wednesday at a San Miguel County Commission meeting in Las Vegas, seven years after making disparaging remarks about his San Miguel, N.M. hometown in an interview in Rolling Stone. (The actor claimed his area was “the homicide capital of the Southwest,” among other insults.) “I hope that you can recognize my deep regret for the impact my comments have had on you, my neighbors, as well as our state,” he read from a prepared statement, according to the Wall Street Journal. “I am, and wish to remain, a contributing member of our community.”

A five-member commission granted Kilmer the permit needed to open his Pecos River Ranch as a bed and breakfast inn to paying guests. (He previously had no community support behind his desire to transform the ranch, thanks to the interview.) It was an unanimous decision. “The county accepted the apology. We hope this is now behind us and we can all live as good neighbors,” said County Attorney Jesus Lopez, who once called Kilmer’s comments “incendiary.”