Credit: Clayton Call/Redferns/Getty Images

Image Credit: Clayton Call/Redferns/Getty ImagesSteve Martin is one big banjo-playing jerk. I mean, have you seen the things this guy asks for in his tour rider? Hat tip to Vulture for spotting the incriminating document, which somehow leaked on Martin’s official site earlier this month.

Among the demands made by the funny dude turned bluegrass trouper when he hits the road: “Instruments must be tuned by a wiry, sarcastic guy named Shorty, Lou, or Lightnin’… One (1) whole roasted chicken for Steve to use as dancing puppet… Beverage service must include thoughtful assortment of meads and bendy straws… Venue must have Bela Fleck on speed dial, in case Steve’s feeling lazy… The band discreetly enjoys hard drugs, namely Advil, so be sure to ‘accidentally’ leave some lying around.” Talk about a rock star ego trip!

Okay, this “leaked” tour rider is almost certainly a joke about other artists’ actual ridiculous requests. Pretty funny stuff. Check it out at Martin’s official site and let us know your favorite part.

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