Image Credit: Mark Mainz/Getty Images; Scott Harrison/Retna Ltd.Finally, the face-off that die-hard Tiffany and Debbie Gibson fans have been waiting for: The 1980s teen stars are set to throw down in the Syfy original movie Mega Python v. Gatoroid (coming in 2011), according to The Hollywood Reporter. Don’t get too excited — they won’t be playing the title roles. Gibson’s going to be a “fanatical animal rights activist,” while Tiffany will tackle the part of an “overzealous park ranger.” But according to the story, the two will still throw down in an “epic battle,” which hopefully means we’ll get some good, clean, Beyoncé/Ali Larter-style catfight action out of it. (Although, really, would a sing-off be too much to ask?)

So, now begins the torturous wait until the movie hits TVs in just 525,948 minutes 59 seconds…525,948 minutes 58 seconds…. Nope, already bored. Let’s make this fun. Who do you think would actually win in an all-out ’80s pop starlet death match? Rules: Each contender may fight using only her 1980s accouterments (jean jackets, scrunchies, sassy hats) and her dusty stacks of gold and platinum records as weapons. I can already picture the two of them in a ring together, sizing each other up. Tiffany: “I think you’re alone now, b****.” Debbie: “Get ready for a foolish beat-down.” And…Fight! Who would win, PopWatchers? Give us your picks in the comments.