Last night, Craig Ferguson and Jimmy Fallon continued their cross-talk-show communication with an affable pasta exchange.

It began with Fallon digging into his post-monologue Suggestion Box and pulling out a request that the host shoot spaghetti out of his eyes his his “competitor,” as the note said.

Okay, “comin’ at ya, Craig,” said Fallon:

Then at the same moment, over on The Late Late Show, Ferguson absorbed a jolt of spaghetti in his eyes (occurs eight minutes into this clip):

A bit later, sitting at his desk, Ferguson explained that, “In the before times, talk show hosts used to pretend to hate each other… it was called the ‘late-night wars.'” Now, Craig joked, “I pretend to like [Jimmy]”:

Describing Fallon as “charming,” Ferguson advised his audience to “flip the [channel] and take a look at his show; it’s good.” That sound you heard were 25 CBS executives fainting at the suggestion that Ferguson fans switch over, even briefly, to NBC. Well done, Mr. Ferguson and Mr. Fallon.

Fallon said, “I’ll watch tonight and see if it worked.” What did you think?

P.S. The music intro of the week: As Fallon’s guest Heidi Klum was introduced, the Roots played the Go-Gos’ “Our Lips Are Sealed,” but changed the lyrics to “Her lips are Seal’s.” Bravo, gentlemen.

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