By Grady Smith
Updated June 23, 2010 at 09:51 PM EDT
Hamish Blair/Getty Images

Image Credit: Hamish Blair/Getty ImagesFirst the World Cup, now this? What an exciting day for sports news! After almost ten hours of play at Wimbledon, a first-round match between American John Isner and France’s Nicolas Mahut has become the longest match in tennis history — and it still isn’t over! Due to a rule that prohibits fifth-set tiebreakers at Wimbledon, the tennis stars are currently tied at 59-59, and the match has been suspended until Thursday. It must be grueling for the players, but the audience must be exhausted as well. I’m sure some bored spectator thought, “I’d rather watch grass grow than watch this for another hour,” only to realize that on Wimbledon’s courts, you can do both. Tennis jokes aside, though, this record-breaking match has got me wondering: What else could I accomplish in ten hours? I’ll start the list below, and you can serve up your ideas in the comments!

  • Watch the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy

  • Read a new Harry Potter book from start to finish

  • Watch a whole season of How I Met Your Mother (without commercials, of course)

  • String a tennis racket

  • Almost get “Umbrella” out of my head

  • Watch an episode of Paula Deen’s Paula’s Home Cooking, get in my car, drive to Savannah, Ga., and eat dinner at her restaurant

  • Play Kitten Cannon 1,000 times in a row (Seriously)

  • Actually write a letter to someone (A letter? What’s that?)

  • Watch Avatar three times

  • Eat something, do nothing for a while, eat again, do nothing again, eat…

  • Fly to England to watch the rest of the match live

  • Watch every aired episode of Viva Laughlin. Five times.