By Annie Barrett
Updated July 30, 2020 at 05:07 PM EDT
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Image Credit: Everett CollectionKenny Wormald, who will star in the Footloose remake to be released April 1, 2011, is not a complete unknown, you charlatans! He toured with Justin Timberlake, was featured in MTV’s Dancelife, played a shirtless backup dancer on the third episode of The CW’s Melrose Place, and contributed his ballet and hip-hop techniques as Tommy Anderson in Center Stage 2. As pictured, Kenny has already nearly achieved 1980 Kevin Baconness. If I want to be picky, he is about six degrees away. He needs 1) Fluffier hair; 2) better turnout; 3) slim-fit jeans; 4) slightly pursed lips; 5) haunting lighting scheme; 6) a car. Right now he is like Bacos, but I’m confident he can turn it up and elevate himself to a full strip.

I’d like to take this opportunity to publicly berate myself for being openly obsessed with 2000’s Center Stage but utterly clueless about 2008’s Center Stage: Turn It Up. It practically just came out! I was sitting right here! If the universe fulfills its destiny we might even Turn It Up Higher in 2012! Anyway, take two minutes to familiarize yourself with Kenny Wormald and his knack for the gettin’-to-know-you dance tutorial scene. Off-topic, I kind of love how the last phrase Kenny utters in this clip is “Shoot the s—.”

If you want more Kenny Wormald, the YouTube user vane7724 has just about every other clip of Kenny and/or loving montage of clips of Kenny set to popular music in existence. For now, I’m having a blast watching Center Stage: Turn It Up in tiny segments. The club scene set to “Don’t Sweat the Technique” is my current fave. I’m so cool.

Anyone else have a renewed interest in Center Stage 2 thanks to Kenny Wormald, or are you too against the idea of a Footloose remake to give it the respect it (or at least the 2000 original) deserves?