By Michael Ausiello
Updated June 23, 2010 at 12:00 PM EDT

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Question: This House fan thanks you for posting that awesome Huddy picture! This House fan is also going to be greedy and ask you what else you know about the season premiere? —Julia

Ausiello: A fellow Trojan tipped me off that Hugh Laurie and Lisa Edelstein were on the USC campus Tuesday night shooting “some Huddy-ness.” Added the anonymous bystander: “They were kissing, hugging, and hand-holding. It was a fangirl’s dream come true. She had on the same outfit as in the beach pictures.” Speaking of those cutesy beach photos, series creator David Shore tells me that all may not be as it seems. “What the image depicts is rather different from what you’re going to experience when you watch the episode,” he reveals. “They’re [at the beach], but it’s not Beach Blanket Bingo.”

Question: I heard a rumor that David Anders will be a regular next season on The Vampire Diaries. Please tell me that it’s true! —Addison

Ausiello: I would if I could, but I can’t. But here’s something I can confirm: Anders will definitely be in the season premiere.

Question: There’s a rumor that Weeds‘ sixth season [premiering Aug. 16] could be its last. True? —Jeff

Ausiello: If it is, no one bothered to tell Mary-Louise Parker, although the actress concedes, “That’s not really up to me. That’s up to [Showtime]. I love doing the show. The only thing that’s tough for me is I live in New York and it gets harder to pick up and move when your kids get a little bit older. But I love doing the show.” In other words, she’s game for a seventh season…provided “they don’t fire me,” she says with a laugh. “You never know what’s going to happen on this show.”

Question: I may be the only person in TV land who actually watches it, but can you give me any My Boys scoop? Is it still on? Has TBS canceled it? —Kim

Ausiello: TBS has not canceled it — at least not yet. A fourth season is already in the can and set to premiere on July 25. A fifth season, meanwhile, remains a question mark. Equally uncertain: what the heck star Jordana Spiro will do if it does come back, seeing as she already hitched herself to NBC’s Love Bites. My guess? Boys will return to mediocre ratings and TBS will announce in early August that season 4 will be the show’s last. And for the record, Kim, you are not the only person in TV land who watches the show. Check out the next question…

Question: Any scoop about the fourth season of My Boys? —Kim

Ausiello: Um… On second thought, Kim, maybe you are the only person in TV land who watches the show. (Anyone else besides Kim watch My Boys? Shoot me an e-mail at On the scoop front, Jim Gaffigan’s departure will be addressed within the first few minutes of the season 4 opener. Of course, the big question is who will fill in for Andy at the poker table. And here’s the big answer: *t*p*a*i*!

Question: Love reading your column! You are witty, I follow your tweets, etc. Now could you please share any scoops on The Closer? —Linda

Ausiello: The second most important rule of Ask Ausiello: When showering me with compliments, don’t end with an etcetera. It’s critical that you list each and every reason you worship me. The more specific you are the better. Capisce? Now here’s your scoop: A resignation will rock the department at the end of the season 6 premiere on July 12.

Question: Anything on the new season of Hung? —Lauren

Ausiello: Feeling insecure about her role in their “operation,” Tanya seeks out help from a higher power: a more experienced pimp, played by Jericho alum Lennie James. Bonus scoop: Crossing Jordan‘s Kathryn Hahn will also appear in the first few episodes as a (very pregnant!) client of Ray’s.

Question: Any scoop on Make It or Break It? —Susan

Ausiello: Lauren’s long-lost mother is about to be found. The show is searching for an actress in her 40s to play Lauren’s recovering-drug-addict mom, who shows up hoping to rebuild a relationship with her daughter.

Question: Throw your international readers a bone and tell us what the big Friday Night Lights spoiler was in last week’s Entertainment Weekly. Not everyone can go out and buy the issue on the newsstand. —Matt

Ausiello: Fair enough, Matt. The spoiler concerned the final episodes of season 5 and a possible reunion between (wait for it) Riggins and Tyra! “Riggins is getting out of prison and Tyra is on break from school,” explains exec producer Jason Katims. “We’re looking at [them] reconnecting.”

Question: I’m desperate for some scoop regarding the new seasons of Friday Night Lights and Dexter. —Sean

Ausiello: Coincidentally, I’m desperate to unload some scoop on both those shows. FNL is casting the role of a “winning and charismatic” president of a non-Texas college (to meet with Riggins, perhaps?), while Dexter is looking for an actor in his late 40s to play an internal affairs agent at Miami Metro (to investigate Dex, perhaps?). Oh, here’s another FNL scoop-bit: Kyle Chandler will be playing coach on screen and off. Sources confirm that Chandler will direct his first FNL episode next season.

Question: Is there anything that you can tell us about my new favorite show Community? — Seth

Ausiello: Only that I think it’s NBC’s new favorite show, too. How else to explain the network’s decision to devote an entire night of programming to Joel McHale’s super-silly comedy? On Thursday, July 8, the Peacock will air a six-episode Community marathon from 8 to 11 p.m. And we’re not talking about just any six episodes. We’re talking about the best six episodes of the show to date: “Intro to Statistics,” “Romantic Expressionism,” “Modern Warfare,” “Physical Education,” “Contemporary American Poultry,” and “Debate.”

Question: Some friends and I are making an impromptu road trip to New York City this weekend. I realize you are probably too busy to meet with some lowly fans, so can I at least get some 30 Rock season 5 details? —Collin

Ausiello: Yeah, um, sorry, I’m actually even too busy to get together with uppity fans, never mind the lowly ones. But here’s your 30 Rock scoop: We’ve probably seen the last of Julianne Moore — and heard the last of her Boston accent. “It seems like she has bowed out of the Jack race because of [Avery’s] pregnancy,” she notes with a sigh. “But I hope in some way she gets to come back. If they asked me, I’d be there in a second” — Beantown patois and all. “I went to school in Boston and worked with a lot of guys from Dorchester, so that’s where [the accent] came from,” she explains. “We made it thick…for humor’s sake, but then again, not really. There are folks with seriously heavy accents there, and they are proud of it.” And if you didn’t like it, Collin? “That’s what TiVo is for,” she laughs. “You can just rewind if you miss something!”

Question: Any spoilers on season 6 of Supernatural? —Shira

Ausiello: I hear the show’s fourth episode back — the one directed by Jensen Ackles — will be Bobby-centric and feature a character named Marcy Ward. Described as attractive in a down-to-earth/woman-next-door way, Marcy is a capable homemaker with a crush on her neighbor.

Question: I know you’re a huge fan of Parenthood. Care to share some scoop on it? —Callie

Ausiello: We’ll meet Adam’s boss in season 2. The recurring role is being cast as we speak.

Question: Season 3 has barely started, but I am dying for some True Blood news. Got any to share? —Kelly

Ausiello: Exec producer Alan Ball teases that a big secret Bill’s “been carrying with him gets revealed at the end of the season.” That noise you hear is the sound of me dipping into the Ausiello Files archives and going Hmm…

Question: Have you received confirmation from Alan Ball that Talbot and Eric will get, ahem, down to business on True Blood this season? —Rob

Ausiello: No, but I haven’t received a denial from him, either. “I think one of the things about being a vampire and living for 100 years is you pretty much try everything,” Ball says. “Whether or not [Talbot and Eric] end up getting together I can’t reveal. I’ll definitely tell you that this season is pretty pansexual.” Yeah, got that bit from the first two episodes.

Question: Do you have something on Bones? I don’t care what, just something? —Margo

Ausiello: Series creator Hart Hanson announced yesterday via Twitter that the “tentative, penciled-in, maybe, unlocked title for [episode] 1, season 6, is ‘The Gorilla in the Room.'” But that’s not the big news. This is the big news: Sources confirm to me exclusively that the title of episode 2 is “Their Arms Around Each Other.” What does it all mean?! Hit the comments with your theories!

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