On last night’s post-Housewives edition of Watch What Happens Live, the adorable Andy Cohen had the pleasure of chatting with New Jersey housewife Danielle Staub. But chatting was not the only thing on Danielle’s agenda, of course: She was really there to premiere her new single “Real Close.” Yes, PopWatchers, because the world is a cruel place, Danielle is now the fourth Housewives star to embark on a singing career. And like Kim Zolciak, Gretchen Rossi (how did I miss this one?!), and Countess LuAnn de Lesseps before her, she took to a big (televised) stage to show us her stuff. Check out the video after the jump.

My initial reaction: Not terrible? But wait, don’t press “send” on your hate mail just yet! By default Danielle gets some points for opting for a ballad instead of a dance-party anthem a la “Tardy for the Party” and “Money Can’t Buy You Class.” And I know I’m no American Idol judge (then again, who is?), but Staub sounded decent-ish? She performed at the piano with songwriter Lori Michaels, and later, in a strange chain of events, sat on her lap next to Andy Cohen for some post-performance conversation (Check out the video from Gawker). The ladies seemed flirtatious with one another, so naturally, Andy asked if they were dating. Staub kept it coy, “We’re not saying anything other than we’re together doing the song ‘Real Close!'” she said. What?! There’s so much to process here, PopWatchers. Again, if Danielle comes out as a lesbian, she won’t be the first housewife to do so (Kim of Atlanta beat her to that, too). Perhaps she can try being the first housewife to the moon, or elected to public office? That way she won’t have to worry about any of the others stealing her thunder.

In other Watch What Happens Live-news, Ben Weiner is leaving for camp this weekend! We’ll have to wait until August for some more cute call-ins from our favorite 13-year-old Housewives super fan (hopefully in time for the New Jersey finale?). Mazel, Ben!

What do you think of Danielle’s single, PopWatchers? Were you tortured? Should we expect the next batch of DC Housewives to burst into song?

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