Jimmy Kimmel Live! may have the stars — thanks to a Twilight: Eclipse special airing tomorrow night — but Jimmy Fallon has the laughs with his hilarious series of “Bothered” shorts, in which he dresses up like Robert Pattinson’s Edward — complete with blue button-down, ghost-like makeup and a perch high-ish in the treetops.

This time around, Fallon’s Pattinson expresses his Anglo-infused frustration with the World Cup. Besides FIFA not inviting every country on the planet Earth to the game, his Pattison is not happy with the World Cup trophy, which he thinks looks like, ahem, male genitalia.

He even goes on to change the famous “Ole Ole” chant using his favorite word. Check out the video after the jump to find out which word and see what else bothers him about the soccer event:

What do you think of the video? Does it make you excited for Eclipse? For the World Cup? Both? Neither?

Photo: NBC