By Grady Smith
Updated June 22, 2010 at 10:52 PM EDT

In High School Musical 3, audiences were told, “It’s gonna be a night! To remember! We’ll never, ever, ever forget!” Well, it appears that Troy and Gabriella were not merely singing about their own school dance, but, in fact, prophetically telling the world about Disney’s new project, Prom, which revealed its cast yesterday. Featuring a group of young “I know I’ve seen that face before” actors like Friday Night Lights‘ Aimee Teegarden and Gossip Girl‘s Yin Chang (full cast here), Prom will tell the story of a group of teenagers getting ready for the big night. Many have been quick to compare the project, which starts shooting next month, to the popular High School Musical franchise, but a rep for the studio says that’s not really the case.

“It’s not a musical, nor is it like High School Musical,” he told EW. For starters, Prom will not be a Disney Channel release. It’s set to hit theaters in Spring 2011– perhaps around the time of senior proms? Second, if HSM was a throwback to 1950s beach musicals, Prom is more of an homage to 1980s teen comedies. “This movie is designed to take on the fun, endearing, and wholly authentic tone of a John Hughes movie like Sixteen Candles or Pretty in Pink, with a diverse ensemble cast of characters.” Considering it’s centered on a detail-obsessed prom committee leader and the school’s resident bad boy, this one is definitely giving me some distinct Breakfast Club vibes, but only time will tell whether Generation Y will make a date out of Prom. The film is modestly budgeted at $5-10 million, but given that we’re talking about Disney, I’ll be shocked if there isn’t at least one elaborately choreographed dance scene. If this breaks out, Disney could be looking at a major new franchise and a fresh lineup of stars.

What do you think, PopWatchers? Are you planning to be a wallflower, or will you step out on the dancefloor with Prom?