By Tanner Stransky
Updated June 21, 2010 at 02:06 PM EDT

Image Credit: Vallery Jean/WireImage.comSeveral websites and blogs have posted news stories claiming that rapper Game—who rose to fame as a part of G-Unit, scored two Grammy nominations for his solo debut, 2005’s The Documentary, and was formerly known as The Game—was killed after being shot in the head during an altercation at LA’s Beverly Center mall late last night, but EW has confirmed with the Los Angeles Police Department that there was no shooting at the well-known LA location last night. “This is the first we’re hearing of this report,” says a spokesperson for the LAPD. “We haven’t gotten any notification of a shooting at the Beverly Center.” From the outset, the rumor seemed shaky at best, as no legitimate news outlets were reporting about either Game’s death or a shooting at the Beverly Center.

Celebrity death rumors tend to spread like wildfire on blogs and websites, even when they’re not true, a fascinating phenomenon that EW reported on earlier this year. In this case, “the game dies in shooting” was the No. 1 entry on Google Trends, a service from the internet giant that claims to provide “insights into broad search patterns.”

UPDATE: Game’s spokesperson has confirmed with EW that the reports were incorrect. “This is a false rumor,” Game’s publicist says. “Game flew this morning to Sacramento for part of his promo run.”

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