Image Credit: Everett CollectionReading about Amanda Bynes’ decision to “retire” at age 24 because she no longer loves acting made me sad — even if a late-night declaration on Twitter does seem somewhat reversible. It was two years ago that we reported Bynes was searching for a new agency and suggested she return to series TV and find a smart role that didn’t require a pratfall. By spring 2009, she had a comedy pilot, Canned, at ABC (which ended up nowhere). Since then, she’s been best known for that Twitter account, where she talks cryptically (and not so cryptically) about her feelings on love, and posing for Maxim‘s February 2010 cover, which was supposed to prove she’s all grown up and ready for sexy films. The movie she has waiting in release? This September’s Easy A, in which she plays a religious Mean Girl hoping to save Emma Stone’s soul and get her expelled because she’s (pretending to be) promiscuous. Easy A actually looks good, but it’s clear Bynes’ career hasn’t gone according to plan. “I’ve never written the movies & tv shows I’ve been apart of I’ve only acted like the characters the producers or directors wanted me to play,” she wrote on Twitter, an hour before her retirement tweet. Maybe that’s the direction she’s headed. I have no idea if she can write, but it seems like she owes it to herself to try. If you’re not getting offered the kind of role you want, create it.

I also hope Bynes doesn’t regret her acting career. At least not She’s the Man (totally enjoyable and fearless) and What a Girl Wants (starring opposite Colin Firth, in a movie that sucks some of us in every time it’s on cable — not bad).

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