Advertisement has up a fun gallery of game-show hosts and the movie roles they’ve played, both as themselves and — in some cases — in dramatic acting roles you might never have envisioned them in. (Dick Clark as a robber in 1968’s Killers Three? Ack!) What’s most notable to me, though, is the regularity with which Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek once popped up in various movies, from quick drive-bys in 1991’s Dying Young and 2000’s Charlie’s Angels to — my favorite — a hefty subplot in White Men Can’t Jump concerning Rosie Perez’s trivia savant character.(Jeopardy! announcer Johnny Gilbert: “A former disco queen, originally from Brooklyn, N.Y….Gloria Clemente.” See clip after the jump.)

I would argue, in fact, that the number of Alex Trebek appearances proves that Jeopardy! reached a kind of cultural ubiquity that no game show ever has (or maybe, ever will). Do you agree? What game-show host cameos did the list miss?