Stonewall Uprising | IN THE STREETS The titular event of Stonewall Uprising
Credit: Bettye Lane

Stonewall Uprising

In June of 1969, a police raid on a dingy Greenwich Village bar that catered to homosexuals launched the gay liberation movement. The uprising that occurred that night (and over the next few nights) at the Stonewall Inn is now the stuff of legend. But this all-new assemblage of rare home-movie footage, photographs, and gripping testimony from people who were there — including one of the cops who led the raid — allows us to experience a landmark civil rights event in a fresh and fascinating way. Stonewall Uprising does an evocative job of coloring in the oppression of gay life before Stonewall, so that when the eruption happens, we feel its necessity in our bones. A-

Stonewall Uprising
  • Movie
  • 82 minutes