By Emily Exton
June 18, 2010 at 03:46 PM EDT

There’s been a history of professional athletes wanting to be entertainers (Deion Sanders, anyone?), and last night, Los Angeles Lakers forward Ron Artest was having his very own Oscar moment. In a post-game interview minutes after the Lakers had defeated the Celtics 83-79 for the NBA crown, Artest took the opportunity to thank all of those who helped him on his road to winning an NBA championship. He completely ignored Doris Burke’s question, opting to rattle off shout-outs to his neighborhood, family, lawyers, and even his psychiatrist, all before plugging his upcoming single “Champion.” Check out the video:

Have you ever seen a post-game interview mimic an Oscar speech before, PopWatchers? And now that he really is a champion, will you download his single?