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Image Credit: Insidefoto/PR PhotosFor months, it’s been rumored that Kristen Stewart was being considered to replace Angelina Jolie as leading lady in Wanted 2. Now, the Twilight star herself has added fuel to the fire. When asked by MTV News whether she’d be interested in filling Jolie’s shoes in the sequel to the 2008 action flick hit, Stewart said, “Yes. Definitely, as long as it was really good.” The actress added, “Wanted was a great movie…James McAvoy makes that movie different than most other action movies because he’s a real guy, and I feel most action movies don’t have that. But I wouldn’t just want to be in a mindless, blow-up movie. I’m not into it.”

Hm, that sounds like a ‘Yes’ to us.

While Universal, the studio behind the film, has not returned EW’s request for comment, Stewart’s name has been floating around the project ever since it was reported that Jolie would not return for the sequel and that the female lead might be rewritten for a younger actress. In the meantime, Stewart says that she is already booked to star in parts one and two of Breaking Dawn and On the Road.

So what do you think? Does Bella have what it takes to fill in for action babe Angie? And, perhaps more importantly, are you interested in seeing a Wanted sequel?

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