By Tanner Stransky
Updated June 18, 2010 at 08:02 PM EDT

Image Credit: Janet Mayer/PR Photos; Danny Feld/ABCDetails about Vanessa Williams’ new housewife character on Desperate Housewives are starting to trickle out, and it looks like producers are set to have her feuding with Felicity Huffman’s super-fierce mom Lynette Scavo. Yet another showdown on Wisteria Lane seems likely! As TV Guide first reported, ABC today confirmed to EW that Williams will be introduced on the Lane as Renee Filmore-Jones, an old college pal of Lynette’s. But calling the pair “pals” might be putting it too kindly, since they were supposedly at odds during their collegiate days in the ’80s — no doubt that will bubble over into present-day lady-fight situations, too. To which I say: Yes, please! Lynette is always at her best when she’s on alert, especially if she’s having to protect her children. Additionally, Renee comes with a longtime husband, who’s most likely an athlete; no children; and — dun dun dun! — a big ol’ secret. Secrets on Wisteria Lane? Well, I never thought we’d see the day…

When the news of Williams’ casting first came back in May, you told us what you’d like to see the talented lady take on, in terms of how she should wreak havoc on the Lane. “She should be in Gabby’s storyline,” Sina wrote. “One of her old modeling competitors.” Loves that idea! And yet another reader said: “M.J. could be the kid the nurse was talking about and Vanessa could be his biological mother. She could file a huge lawsuit and get custody of M.J. Then, raise M.J. in Susan’s old house.” Any other new ideas for Ms. Williams? Does this news about her feuding with Lynette get you pumped up? I think it sounds pretty fantastic. But let’s get real — we all know that Vanessa could take on all those housewives and not even break a nail. Right? Right.

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