Her new album ''Memphis Blues''covers songs by Muddy Waters, Albert King, and more

By Whitney Pastorek
June 18, 2010 at 04:00 AM EDT

America needs a Cyndi Lauper blues album right now
”I felt this was the perfect time to do a blues album, because America is singing the blues. I tried to pick songs that talked about things that are happening now. For instance, the Albert King song ‘Down Don’t Bother Me.’ I think, after a while, how much can you take?”

She got to perform with some of her heroes
”I went to Memphis to do the real thing. Ann Peebles lives in Memphis, so I said, ‘Hey, can we get her?’ I couldn’t even tell her how many times I sang [along] with her in my room! And Allen Toussaint — the man plays like voodoo. The guy sits down and plays, and you’re in a spell.”

The blues can be fun, too
”The blues is not just sad. B.B. King [who guests on the album] is not sad. B.B. King is a celebration. When he plays, I do not feel sad. I feel more alive!”