By Michael Slezak
Updated June 17, 2010 at 12:45 PM EDT

Image Credit: Courtesy of LIFE.comThe wait is finally over for Toy Story 3 (read Owen Gleiberman’s review here), with fans celebrating the return of Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Rex, et al. But in the midst of this Pixar-esque love fest for the movie’s merry band of dolls and action figures, let us not forget this very important truth: Some toys are evil.

Our corporate cousins at have put together a photo gallery called “Creepiest Dolls Ever,” filled with the kind of dark-sided figurines that you just know would have done prison time if their hapless victims could’ve gotten anyone to believe that plastic entities can rise up to wield knives and brickbats in the night. Look at that monkey “soothing” the little girl in the dentist’s chair (and whispering “by the time he’s done with you, your gums will look like ground chuck!” every time the kindly doctor turns away). And then there’s the mutant clown and his menacing donkey. How dreadfully would a child have to behave to receive such bone-chilling gifts from his or her own parents? Do click through the entire gallery; you won’t want to miss the little girl pinned down by an army of Trolls, or the taxidermized bunny playing a guitar. (At least I think it’s a bunny. I had to divert my eyes pretty quickly.)

When you’re done, tell us: What are the creepiest toys in pop-culture history? They can be real (and unintentionally horrid) toys or fictitious figurines from film and TV. We’ll peruse your list of nominations, and if there are enough good ones, come back tomorrow with a highly scientific poll where you can crown the “winner” in this contest of the creepy. If that doesn’t freak you out enough, I’ve embedded a couple commercials below, suggested by my maniacal PopWatch colleague Kate Ward. Enjoy?