By Simon Vozick-Levinson
June 17, 2010 at 04:35 PM EDT

Image Credit: Christopher Polk/Getty ImagesSnoop Dogg has been banned from headlining a June 27 festival in the Dutch city of the Hague, Reuters reports. Apparently the Hague’s mayor and law enforcement officers demanded that Snoop be removed from the bill “in order to be able to guarantee the open and friendly character and free admission of Parkpop.”

You can almost see Reuters’ reporter grinning as he calls Big Snoop “a frequent visitor to the Netherlands and aficionado of its readily available marijuana.” Yes, there’s a certain amount of irony in rap’s most famous pothead being turned away from the land of semi-legal weed. But let’s get serious for a second: What, exactly, are the Hague’s bureaucrats trying to communicate with that “open and friendly character” line? Snoop Dogg is one of the most open and friendly characters in all of pop culture these days! He’s just about the cuddliest gangsta on the face of the planet. The man parties in Candyland with Katy Perry, for goodness’ sake. Reuters links this turn of events to Snoop’s trouble getting into the U.K. and Australia due to various criminal cases, but if that’s the issue, why didn’t the Hague cite that reason — and why has Snoop been allowed to perform so often in the Netherlands before? It doesn’t really add up.

Snoop Dogg’s reps have not responded to EW’s request for comment. Snoop Dogg’s camp responded with a statement that you can read after the jump. What do you think of this story?

UPDATE: “Snoop Dogg is astonished by the decision of the Mayor of The Hague, a town in the south of Holland, to not allow him to perform at the free festival, Parkpop,” reps for the rapper said in a statement. “There’s been much speculation that, given the enormous response by Snoop’s fans to the free festival, the local authorities would not be able to provide sufficient security. Mojo, the largest concert promoter in Holland says, ‘We have never had any issues with Snoop, who has played magnificent shows at many of the festivals we promote such as Lowlands, North Sea Jazz and at several other promoted shows by Mojo.’  Snoop is a mainstay at music festivals all over the world and has performed at all of these without incident. Snoop Dogg performances have always been the epitome of ‘open and friendly,’ which has been proven countless times, including recent festivals such as Live 8, Oxegen Festival, and Lollapalooza — among many others. Snoop Dogg is scheduled for a string of other performances in June for his fans in Holland.”

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