By Adam Markovitz
June 17, 2010 at 01:38 PM EDT

Image Credit: Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

Moving ever further from her smile-and-sparkles Hannah Montana image, teenpopper Miley Cyrus is set to take on a role in the upcoming paranormal thriller Wake based on the young adult novel by Lisa McMann, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The first in a series of three novels, Wake follows a teenager who is unwittingly drawn into other people’s dreams. (Some of which, we’re guessing, might be less than pleasant.)

It’s not necessarily an obvious choice for the girl who became a pop princess by chirping sunshiny hooks in a bleach-blonde wig. But right now Miley’s short movie resume has two wholesome hits (Hannah Montana: The Movie and The Last Song) and not much else. Maybe a thriller could be just the thing to keep her fans on their toes — and even bring in some new moviegoers who wouldn’t be caught dead at a Hannah Montana pic? And besides, EW’s on Lisa Schwarzbaum gave Cyrus props for her acting in Last Song. So who’s to say the girl can’t stretch her (black, vulture-like) wings a bit on screen?

What do you think, PopWatchers? Would you watch Miley in a thriller?