By Sandra Gonzalez
Updated June 17, 2010 at 01:00 PM EDT

I honestly never thought I’d have to use the names Helen Mirren and Joe Pesci in a sentence together…ever. Much less did I think one of the robbers from Home Alone would one day be starring in a movie with classy lady from The Queen. And if you would have forced me to guess one of them would, I would have said Daniel Stern. But alas, Hollywood, round 1 goes to you for bringing this odd couple together for the movie Love Ranch, opening limited June 30, and bonus points for (apparently) making it work.

In this exclusive clip from the inspired-by-a-true-story movie about a couple who runs Nevada’s first legalized brothel, Mirren works her American accent better than some actual American actors do, and Pesci reminds us why even though Goodfellas was 20 years ago, he’s still a kind of a badass.

So, PopWatchers, based on this first look at Love Ranch (embedded after the jump), what do you say? Is this going to be a K.O?