By Breia Brissey
June 16, 2010 at 09:58 PM EDT

Image Credit: Jim Wright/MTVIf you’ve watched The City at all this season, you know that Erin and Olivia don’t get along. In fact, if looks could kill, Olivia would have been gone a long time ago and spared us all the drama. But what would The City be without the drama? (Probably not one of my guilty pleasure reality shows, that’s what.) Erin has been unsatisfied with Olivia’s work from day one. Erin takes every opportunity to point out her co-worker’s failures, and they seem to come all too often. (Missing assignments, not wearing the right clothes to the correct events, etc.) Adding insult to injury, Olivia doesn’t appear to respect the fact that Erin is still her boss regardless of their personal issues. It’s just one cat fight after the other. Olivia never gets fired, and Erin continues to complain about her poor work.

I feel sorry that Erin has to deal with Olivia, and find myself yelling at the TV when she’s not reprimanded for her mistakes. (Totally normal, right? Right?) I think it’s her attitude that gets me. And in last night’s episode, Louise, the British fashion reporter, officially joined the crew. It’s a move Erin pushed for in hopes that Olivia would have to leave. But it looks like they’ll be working together. And GASP! they even get along.

After eight weeks of feuding, it’s about time we chose sides. So what do you think, PopWatchers? Is Olivia really as bad as she’s portrayed on the show? Or is Erin just overreacting to a personality conflict? Whose side are you on in their never-ending battle?