By Margaret Lyons
Updated June 16, 2010 at 06:30 PM EDT
Credit: Blair Bunting/Discovery

Image Credit: Blair Bunting/DiscoveryA special MythBusters episode airs tonight, counting down the series’ top 25 moments. And yes, the never-aired ignited fart makes the cut. Um…yay!

My favorite MythBusters episodes are the ones that actually bust myths; sure, I like a good recreational explosion, and I’ve never watched a slo-mo demolition I didn’t love, but MB‘s best moments (aside from the goofiness) come from testing the veracity of conventional wisdom. Has anyone really wondered if a sailboat made of duct tape would float? Is that a myth? It is not. (But it does in fact float. Thanks, Jamie and Adam!)

Give me the voice that shatters glass, PopWatchers. Bring on the “beer before liquor” hangover testing. Let me know if I should waste perfectly good vodka on a Christmas tree. But maybe I’m not a typical MythBusters fan. What’s your favorite episode? What do you think will make the top 25?

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