Recent events have led the PopWatch detective to conclude that famous actress “Megan Fox” is actually a set of identical triplets, and that all three are currently caught in a battle to one-up the others with attention-getting publicity stunts. Megan #1 (a.k.a. Domestic Megan) just got re-engaged to Brian Austin Green. Megan #2 (Wild Megan) claims to have gotten a new tattoo in honor of Mickey Rourke. (Another Shelf Life literary mystery solved!) Finally, Megan #3 (Deconstructive Megan) is on the cover of Interview magazine making out with a nude mannequin of herself. We’re confused, too.

Putting aside the Triplet Theory for a second, the media circus may have a purpose: Fox is appearing in this weekend’s Jonah Hex, the Josh Brolin-headlined comic book western. Her role is apparently pretty small – she filmed all her scenes in less than a week – but it’ll be interesting to see how the movie plays with audiences. A few scenes from Hex have been released online, but only one shows Fox, and it’s hard to tell at what level of over-the-top she’s playing her frontier damsel.

PopWatchers, will you see Jonah Hex? Would you rather spend 90 minutes watching Megan Fox blankly caress her mannequin-self? Am I the only one who thought that Fox was legitimately frightening in Jennifer’s Body? Will our world have any hope for survival when the army of Megan Fox mannequins attacks from space?

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