Image Credit: Jonah M. AdkinsWhile we may never fully uncover all the mysteries of Lost‘s island, we at least have this: a new and lovely map to show us where things are! Hurray. See? Now I get it! Everything finally makes sense.

Well, no, but it is still a cool map! Cartographer Jonah Adkins has been making maps for the government and the DOD for 11 years, and he used those same skills to plot the main features of the Island. “You start with an image/satellite photo, in this case an image of Rousseau’s map from a few seasons back,” he told EW in an e-mail. And then you extrapolate. “So much went into using the dialogue from the show to get geographic details,” he said, but of course, Lost had some chronic inconsistencies. “Sometimes it would take a group of people to get from point A to point B minutes on the show one time, then days the next time. Sometimes the camera shots would depict the water on different sides of a feature in the same scene.” And some key locations were just impossible to map. “I didn’t place Jacob’s cabin simply because most of the time it was shown, it was in a different place.”

Adkins says posters will be available soon, so maybe by the time the season 6 DVDs comes out, you can plot everyone’s travels with little pins or something. Not that anyone would ever…be so dorky…or obsessive… about anything…

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