Who else loves Eurovision? What—you don’t know what Eurovision is?!? For shame! Well, here’s what you need to know: It’s the crazy-delicious European singing competition that coalesesces into an extravaganza pitting European country against European country, and was initially responsible for the discovery of a little Swedish pop group called ABBA, which won the songwriting contest with “Waterloo” back in 1974. (See our coverage of last year’s winner here.)

Out of 39 countries participating this year, Germany’s Lena won with her performance of “Satellite.” True, she was crowned the winner back at the end of May. So that’s not news. But I write this post because I just returned from a two-week jaunt through Denmark, Germany, and The Netherlands, and Lena was more ubiquitous in Europe than pommes frites. They’re obsessed with her and her ridiculously infectious pop ditty! Literally, I heard it everywhere from the train station to bakeries to gay bars.

I got sucked in and have been listening to “Satellite” on repeat for days now. How can you not love a trifle with lyrics like this:

I went everywhere for you

I even did my hair for you

I bought new underwear, they’re blue

And I wore ‘em just the other day

Anyway, just thought—in case you hadn’t heard it—that you all might want to. Lena’s already burning up the European Billboard charts and the video of her song that I’m embedding below (watch it!) has snagged almost 17 million views:

What’d you think? You can’t buy her song on iTunes in America yet, but do you think Lena could make the crossover to the USA?

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