June 16, 2010 at 05:30 PM EDT

Image Credit: ABCThe 19 Bachelor and Bachelorette alums that will compete for a “second chance at love” (and cash) on ABC’s six-episode Bachelor Pad (premiering Aug. 9) have finally been revealed. According to People‘s tone-setting swimsuit gallery, they include:

• Craig McKinnon, Bachelorette season Ali

• Jonathan Novack, Bachelorette season Ali

• Jesse Beck, Bachelorette season Ali — now with a buzz cut

• Tenley Molzahan, Bachelor season Jake

• Wes Hayden, Bachelorette season Jillian

• Ashley Elmore, Bachelor season Jake

• Elizabeth Kitt, Bachelor season Jake — now a blonde

• Natalie Getz, Bachelor season Jason

• David Good, Bachelorette season Jillian

• Gia Allemand, Bachelor season Jake

• Gwen Giola, Bachelor season Aaron — now looking… different

• Jesse Kovacs, Bachelorette season Jillian

• Jessie Sulidis, Bachelor season Jake

• Krisily Kennedy, Bachelor season Charlie

• Juan Barbieri, Bachelorette season Jillian

• Michelle Kujawa, Bachelor season Jake

• Kiptyn Locke, Bachelorette season Jillian

• Nikki Kaapke, Bachelor season Jason

• Peyton Wright, Bachelor season Andy

I feel like this show is the closest we’re going to get to another season of Paradise Hotel, so I’m hoping there’s plenty of sex and backstabbing. (In fact, it would be brilliant if like on Paradise Hotel, they had to hook up or go home. The show will feature some kind of weekly eviction after all.) What do you think of the cast? Happy that Craig and Jonathan will be back under the same roof? (The men and women will live together.) Do you believe Michelle, who really, really, really wants a husband, will find one in this group? Who are you prepared to dislike most — Craig, Wes, David, or Juan? Can hot nanny Elizabeth play coy again and not kissing anyone, even Kiptyn?! Who else wants Gia to end up with Jesse Kovacs?

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