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Question: Can you tell me anything about Supernatural‘s new season? —Bryan

Ausiello: I can’t be certain, but I think I just uncovered a significant clue about the overriding plot of season 6: Sources confirm to me exclusively that X-Files vet Mitch Pileggi is in talks to reprise his role as Sam and Dean’s presumed-dead grandpa on a potentially recurring basis.

Question: Any scoop on the new season of Torchwood? —Craig

Ausiello: Starz wasn’t kidding when it said the new season would be more global in scope. I’m hearing the show will shoot a chunk of the season on location in Los Angeles. Captain Jack’s going Hollywood!

Question: Word on the street is that House started filming its seventh season on June 14. Other word on the street is you want to be voted Sexiest Celeb Vegetarian of 2010. If you can give me some scoop about the former, I might just help you out with the latter. —Janine

Ausiello: You’ve got yourself a deal. Unconfirmed buzz suggests that Huddy fans will be in a state of continuous orgasm throughout House‘s season premiere this fall.

Question: Please give me a scoop on the new season of Chuck! —Joy

Ausiello: And the title of the season 4 premiere is…”Chuck vs. the Anniversary”! What does it mean? Hit the comments with your theories!

Question: I’m so excited that Life Unexpected got renewed for a second season! Can you give us any good scoop? —CC

Ausiello: The show is casting Baze’s rebound girl. Actually, make that girls. Potential Love Interest No. 1, Kelly, is a perky and uptight conservative author who joins Ryan’s radio show. Potential Love Interest No. 2, Emma, is a high-powered exec in her early 40s who works with Baze’s dad, Jack.

Question: I love Life Unexpected. Any hints or news you can give me? —Ann

Ausiello: More season 2 casting intel: The show is adding the recurring roles of Eric, a slightly rugged new young teacher at Westmonte High, and Paige, Ryan’s sassy, flirty, and free-spirited younger sister recently back from an Eat, Pray, Love-type tour. Hey, there’s a movie about that opening soon!

Question: What’s in store on 90210 in season 3? —Ken

Ausiello: Johnny Depp’s making a zip stop! Kind of but not really. The show is adding a major new recurring character who’s “one part Talented Mr. Ripley, one part young Johnny Depp, and all parts sexy.” The 18-year-old Brit is a childhood chum of Ivy’s, which raises the question: Where did Ivy grow up, Cambridge?

Question: Please give us something about the upcoming fifth season of the perennially Emmy-snubbed Friday Night Lights. —Lindsay

Ausiello: It wasn’t enough that I told you that Taylor Kitsch, Adrianne Palicki, and Zach Gilford were returning? Hmm…what other scoops do I have up my sleeve…oh, here’s something: A shocking spoiler about the final two episodes of season 5 appears in the pages of the new issue of Entertainment Weekly (on sale now). Hint: It’s romance-related and I’m fairly certain Jaws. Will. Drop.

Question: I know that the creators of Spartacus are working on a prequel to give Andy Whitfield time to recover. Is there any other news about him or the show? —Kat

Ausiello: Good news: Reports that Whitfield is cancer-free were all but confirmed yesterday when Starz announced that the actor would be attending Comic-Con next month. As far as the show itself, the untitled prequel — which will focus on John Hannah’s Batiatus and Lucy Lawless’ Lucretia — is slated to go into production this fall ahead of a January ’11 premiere. Season 2, meanwhile, will likely debut in fall ’11.

Question: I’m totally brokenhearted that A.J. Cook’s contract with Criminal Minds is not being renewed. Please tell me that they’re going to have her come back long enough to explain JJ’s departure and give her a proper send-off! –Hazel

Ausiello: Per a Minds insider, “Details about the character’s exit are still being worked out.” In related news, if signing petitions is your thing, here’s one aimed at getting Cook her job back.

Question: This is my first time writing to you, and from what I understand, I’m supposed to offer to name my firstborn child after you or at least send you a case of Snapple in order to get my question answered. Greeting rituals aside, what ever happened to the Kurt’s-boyfriend story line on Glee? I was exceptionally psyched about them ruling the school. —Jessica

Ausiello: You forgot the most important rule of Ask Ausiello: Send me $50 per question-via PayPal. Double-check your facts before asking a question. The Glee-boyfriend story line kicks off next season.

Question: Parenthood scoop for next season…please? —Jennifer

Ausiello: Exec producer Jason Katims is cooking up another juicy mother-daughter story line for Lauren Graham and Mae Whitman. “Amber’s going to make a new friend and she comes from an upper-crust kind of background,” Katims explains. “It becomes complicated for Sarah because Amber’s suddenly being taken into this world that’s out of her grasp.”

Question: The True Blood premiere was awesome. What’s coming up, ahem, necks? —Tyler

Ausiello: Tee-hee. You swapped next for necks in a question about True Blood. Tee-hee. Here’s some prattle for you, straight from series creator Alan Ball: In the second half of the season, “all hell breaks loose,” he tells my colleague Tim Stack. “Certainly, everybody finds themselves in danger. Loyalties are tested. There’s a lot of deceit.” And though the lies will be spread around, the dots will connect in the end. The stories “do converge,” Ball confirms, culminating in a season finale that he calls “very big. [But] it doesn’t center around one particular event the way the first one did. The first one was all about Rene chasing Sookie. The second one was all about Maryann’s ritual. This [time], there are a lot of big events” leading up to “definitely more than one cliff-hanger.” I’m on the edge of my seat already!

Question: I saw pictures of Allan Hyde at the True Blood premiere. Any chance Godric’s going to return this season (yeah, he died, but you know what I mean)? —Maiyer

Ausiello: I think there’s a very good chance of him returning. And soon. Know what I mean?

Question: I don’t care what you have to do, just give me some sort of Fringe scoop to chew on so I don’t kill myself this summer! —Duncan

Ausiello: The suicide-hotline operator in me wants to get at the real reason you’re feeling so withdrawn and irritable. However, the TV newshound in me wants to bypass that crap and cut straight to the scoop: Fringe is getting ready to introduce a powerful female agent aged 35-55 who becomes an adversary for the Fringe team.

Question: Psych news. Please. (Brief and to the point.) —M Horton

Ausiello: I’m head over heels in love with this scoop: The show has tapped Curt Smith of Tears for Fears fame to rerecord the theme song, “I Know, You Know,” for an upcoming season 5 episode. I’m told Smith will also make a guest appearance in the ep as himself.

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to Also, you can follow me on Twitter via @michaelausiello. Thanks for playing! (Additional reporting by Andy Patrick)

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