June 15, 2010 at 04:38 PM EDT

You can always count on an idiotic reality show for a quick-hit vocab lesson. The “red carpet challenge” of last night’s True Beauty gave “the Beauties” quite a scare, as they had to ask Las Vegas tourists five simple questions that contained the difficult SAT words ostensibly and cacophony. Marvel at Beauty David’s attempt to pronounce a word that literally means “harsh sound” in today’s DVR Screengrab of the Day! The only thing that would make it better is if his job description, “DJ/Astrologer,” was shown as well. You can’t win ’em all.

Regina, another Beauty, thought judges Vanessa Minnillo, Carson Kressley, and Beth Ostrosky Stern “were trying to throw us a curveball and make up fake words to see how we deal with it.” She should realize the host of this show is not Tyra and no one is making up nonsense words and adding an accent on the end to make them fashion/French. Yet.

Have you ever learned new vocabulary from reality TV? If it’s not too enervating, share them in the comments below. Your PopWatch handle will be considered a paragon of precocity for all of time! I’m clairvoyant, so I know that!

FYI, “the Beauties” are competing to become “The Face of Vegas” (a.k.a. $100,000 cash and a featured photo in People magazine), and at the end of each episode, their framed portraits are dismantled by a custodial staff! I may need to start recapping this weekly disaster in full. Would anyone be on board? You could read it aloud to your coworkers or kids and teach them lessons. It would be ostensibly cacophonous!

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